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IS Inter 희달선생님숙제 (답장)김민제

12-06-13 20:23
Dear, someone
Hello. My name is Min Jea Kim and my English name is Harry. Nice to know you. There are five in my family. My father is a lawyer, mother is the housewife, and my two big sisters are students. My sisters ar very kind and like to play with me. You know the soccer players, Park Ji Sung and Park Joo Young. Il like them, too because I like playing soccer with my friends. I think I am good at playing soccer games. I'm string and healthy and my teacher and friends often tell me I can be a good soccer player when I grow up.
Do you know Van Persie in Arsenal? I think you know but I will teel you. He is a foward on the team Arsenal and he's a very good foward, and do you know Casillas? He is the best goalie I have known. He is a really goo goalie in Spain and we still remember the Korean National team won the semifinal at 2002 World Cup. Some day our countries will have the some honor together.
Whenwe meet, let's play soccer together. It will be very very fun.
                                                                                                            From. Min Jea Kim