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is basic 김희달 원장님 숙제 (최 준형) 수정

12-06-12 20:33
Hello, Smile, My English name is Henry. I saw the letter your name is Smile. I saw Chinese money. I was very surprised, because Chinese money was wonderful. When I know your name is Smile I think you are girl. Is that right? And China is good? I think so. Let me introduce My family. They are my parents, younger brither, abd my father my mother is nurse and dorkor. They are very kind to me. And I like them too. My younger brother is very fun. He is very cute, but some time he is very bad. Do you have brother? I think you have younger brother too.
I'm instreted in baseball and soccer. Do you like them too? I'm not good at baseball but I can play it. Today I play soccer at school. During the game I caught the ball abd pass it to my friend. And he kicked the ball. and it was goal in. I was very happy. Because THe goal broke the tied score score 1:1 and made it 2:1 for me. He wave to me thanks and I did the same geatime. He clapped to me and I clapped him too.I'm very happy today.
And I'll instruduce my favorite baseball player. My favorite picther is Ou-Seong-Hwan. Last year he recorded many saves. He achieved 200saves in his careet. And his fastball recorded 156 km/ he throw curve, slider and two seam fastballs too.
Lee-Seong-yup is my favorite batter. When he was young he was a picther.But he was changed to a batter.At the beijing Olympics he was a hero. He is a hero is Koreanserices too.Samsung was loseing by 3runs, and he hit 3run homerun!! It was when I was young, but I read it in the book. So I like Lee-Seong-yup. and his nick name is the nation's batter. I have a Question. What do you call the fried rice? I was wondering what it is called. because it is my favorite chinese food. I like frice rice. Itis very delicious. And my grandmother can make frice rice very well. When I eat  I always surprise so much. She make it with many vegetables and other thing.
How many people in your family? Four people... right? I have four people in my family. I wondered why your English name is Smile. I think your name has a special meaningis alwaysbeing happy and smiling. In Korea people have not much time to smile.Because we are going to another school after school. DOes China also have many schools to learn different subject after school? Korea has so many school prinate in downtown. It's time to say 'Good bye.' Byebye!
비회원 이규원님의 한마디 2012/06/18 16:05
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