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Nice to meet you!

12-06-21 16:40
My name is park song hoon.I from korea.You sent me a letter. I think we are good friend. I like to play baseball.what do you like to play?well,I think why does people say china is bad.I don't really think china is bad.I think it is bad to think some country is bad.We are same people.We can't say your country is bad.I'm from korea,and you born in china.We are same family in earth.It's bad to fight with family.We can even play toghether.Long time ago.Our warrior fight with you.And many people die at the war.It is sad that we fight very long time.So we think it is china is bad.And your country thinks we are bad.But it is time to change our mind.we are not a fighter.We don't have to fight.We know it is bad things to fight each other.It is bad to kill people.We must fix this mind.Because we all have weakness.But when we work toghether, wecan be powerful.We are very close.So we can help more easily.We are sad that we all loose our warrior.but we must forget it and help each other.We are good friend.I hope we can meet sometimes.see you than~!