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편지 고쳐쓴것

12-06-21 16:01


To. Helen

 Hello, Helen. My English name is Jessie, and my korean name is Jung Ji Su.

 I'm very interested in China. China is the center of the world trade, isn't it?

 I saw an article which says China will take the lead in the world trade in the near future! So, it means China progresses very fast.

 And, I'm really interested in Chinese food! Like ganpengji, Chinese-style noodles with vegetables and seafood (jjambbong), Zhajiangmian (noodles with bean sauce). I also liked Chinese food when I was very young, but I became more interested in it through the TV show 'Running Man'. They went to China, and they receive the mission, ' Find Chinese food after listening to the words! ' I enjoy it very much.

 I want to go to China, because there are many sightseeing places!

 There are Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Senado Square, Sanghai Ocean Aquarium, Repulse Bay..... Wow, there are too many to say all about!

 Anyway, I hope I can go to China some day.

 I want to ask you some questions if you are OK. Is there many private education facilities in China? And, is Chinese zeal for children's education high? The zeal for children's education in Korea is very high. And most parents want to make their sons or daughters receive private education. I have one more question. Do you like K-pop? And, who is your favorite singer in China and Korea? Oh, I have so many questions to ask you!! Frankly, I want to ask you 100 more questions!! ^ㅇ^

 I said too many things to you. Even if we haven't met yet, I'm so glad to be your friend!

 Thank you, and good bye^^ If I have a chance, I will go to China, Nanyang!