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편지 숙제

12-06-20 23:49
Dear Herbert
Hello, Herbert my name is James. I live in Deagu and I'm 12-years-old. I so happy to meet you because I have never send massage to any forigners except for americans. I've got your QQ number. I'll always remember it and send you a message. Now there are something to ask you about.
1. what is your problem of your hometown?
2. what is your good side of your hometown?
3. Do your hometown have historical building?
4. Is China more developed than korea?
I have always thought about China, because China is close to us, and they treat us friendly, too.
My friend and his family are in huaiyang, too. I hope they live well.
When I become 13-years-old, I should go to China for school trip. Then how about making a code. While travelling, I'll say, "Herbert!" then I think we can meet together if we are lucky.
Oh, and my hobby is to play phone games, and read books and fix things. I really fix things well because I have good hand skills.
Also, I expect you have a computer, I will let you know my email. It is ''.
I wish you can send me a letter sometimes. I'm spending a busy time on weekday, so you will be able to get a reply. After the test, I will tell my friends that I got a new Chinese friend.
You know what, I usually sleep after 12 o' clock. So I don't have time to sleep.
Korea is a beautiful country with great city view and mountains. we also have lots of activities and expos all over the country. Do you know kim-chi? It is a traditional food in korea. It is hot and spicy but delicious. Also there is han-bok. This is our traditonal clothes. Even though, it is hard to put on, but it is very colorful.
Okay, herbert. I think I should go now. Take care of your self and good bye!

p.s I'll introduce more by QQ international.