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편지 수정한것

12-06-20 21:49
Dear Sandy,
  Hey! Thanks for the letter you send me! I am really intereted in China! My cousins are in China, and I really want to go to China! I knew about China because of 2008 Beijing Olympics. China is a really wonderful country and there are many people.
  I met Mr. Jerry and he is a nice teacher! I know there are many arguments between Korea and China, but I think China and Korea CAN be friends! And I really want China and Korea to be friends! You are really good at English even though you are Chinese! I am really impressed about it! I'm thirteen years old and I'm an Korea!
  China is a really interesting country! And I will visit China someday! How much family members do you have? I have five members. They are my parents, two sisters and myself. I am the second daughter between the two, and I just hate it because I always need to give up about my stuff! Well sometimes, I get help from my elder sister, so I hlove her! My dad is an E.N.T. doctor. When we are sick, he always takes care of us! I am just an ordinary elementary student! I just love my school, and I just love to go to school!
  What is your favorite subject? Mine is P.E., English, and music! English is really fun when we learn more about it! It kinds of makes me addicted(?) to it. English is a really fun subject and interesting too! I began to learn English when I was 6 years old, and when I learn English, we can use it all time.
  Four months ago, I went to America to study English! It was kind of hard but it was also a fun time.
  In Korea, I heard many things about China from my cousin! My cousin is a University student, and she is really kind and good at Chinese even though she is Korean!
  Korea has a long history and its unique culture, was the colony of Japan. And once, we fought with North Korea. It is really sad. And I heard that China helped North Korea in that war but I do not care about it! Because it was in the past! I think the past is not  important, but the present is important. Still, wea can be friends you know...
  Again, thanks for writing me a letter! I will sometimes send you a QQ when I have something to say. Thanks! :)