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12-06-18 22:10
To Sophie
Hi, I'mPan Jun. My English name is Peter. There are four mmbers in my foamily. My parents, one younger brother and me. My mother is a good cook. My father likes to go batting room. My younger brother is a mischievous boy. He looks cute when he is sleeping. How manypeople in your family? I like k-pop there are many groupa. And there are many solo singers too. My favorite group is T-ara and fx. My favorite solo singer is IU. I like Ji Yeon the most in T-ara and Crystal in fx. Did you see any korean drama? It's good. I like it. Do you know any entertainer in korea? I like sports very much. My fpavorite sport is baseball. And my favorite baseball player is Choo shin soo. He is playing in MLB. Great baseball players are mostly left-handed. But I use right hand. Do you like baseball? I don't think you like it because you are a girl, do you? I want to meet you. I'm thirteen years old. How old are you? If you are around thirteen years old too, we are friends. I'd like to introduce our English academy's president , hee-dal. He is handsome.But he is married. can you introduce you to me too? I want to see a pretty Chinese girl. My e-mail is Good bye.
From Panjun(peter)