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중국편지 답장

12-06-18 21:03
To. Grace
  Hello. My name is Joey. I think my name is strange because joey means baby kangaroo. I the last at my family. My brother is Paul. There is four people in our family members.I brought some questions for you. I downloaded QQ Internetional but there was blank to ID and password, too. You only gave me the QQ number 814832328. Now I will answer your questions. We do not have spring festival but there is festivals we have at spring. I am crazy about Chinese food. Such as zzam - bbong. My classmate saya that there is mosqitose eyeball. I don't know if it is true but I think it is yucky. Eventhough I am crazy about Chinese food I will throw up when I eat it. I want to go to China very much. I want to go your school and to the great wall. I know that China's traditional animal is dragon. I like dragon very much. Oh! And I met your teacher Jerry. He is kind and does well at English and Chinese. And if you could give me some picture about 5~6 of your school or your hometown.

P.S. I'll wait for your replies.

                                                                                                                                                    From. Joey