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12-06-18 20:43
Hello,viper.My name is John.I'm a korean people.I want to be friends with you.I like your country, too.My
dad is working there.I go to visit him every semester.I went to summer school in your country.The name of the school is Utaloy.I liked the school.I love the city of your country.I also saw the world 2rd tallest
building in your country.It was beautiful.The talest floor was 120th floor.And I saw the rainbow light building.In the night the rainbow lights shot the building.The color was amazing.Also I saw the goat statue
in china.It looked very nice.We don't have that kind of statue.I want to have one.Our country has oneanimal that sybols our country.It is the tiger of Korea.But they died.Because long time ago people were
so hungry  that they caught them.And our country's soccer team name is red devil.I don't know why it
is the "red devils".I want to know whats your country's soccer team's name.Because I'm a curious people, too.I also want to know what school you go and what grade you are.I mean in american age.I guess you are in the 6th grade.I'm in the 6th grade, too.I might go to china this semester.My dad is waiting.I want to meet you.Then see you later!^^~