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12-06-14 22:12
dear friend.
I am very thank you to your letter and i want to write you too so i write this. I want to introduce you when you come korea and watch everything and rest some day in korea. Korea has many thing to do. Korea has many place to want to go. In seoul you go dongdaemun market and here is very cheap. and you go restaurant  Like eat traditional food kimchi and galbi, bulgogi... and many thing to eat. And go to everland and ride many thing. And when i was young i heard tuchan earthquake it is very sad. So many people die by earthquake. And that year is bejjing olympics year. And when you have a time, you come korea and play manything. i want to introduce my korea friends. when you have a time, i hope come with your friend. and you can enjoy one day and go china. i go china last year in hong kong. it has one mountain and at night, it is very bright and my father and mother say, it has casino and my father gain some money. so it is very fun in china but 4years ago, it has very sad doing it is gain many people's life. And how about food in china? who say they eat everything and they had trick. But you china has the most popular in the world. your world is many land and many people so your world soon ranking 1 in economy. I want to ask you is are your food great? some food is made by insect. and the great wall is very long. and their some dust come korea and make dusting. And i think your world is making by desert. Because of factory and car. Anyway, come korea 1 and enjoy....! Bye.