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황보윤 답장

12-06-14 20:25
Dear Christina, I'm also galsd to recieve your lette . My english name is  I'm a Korean girl, a sutudent of Youngshin Elementry school. I'm in 4th grade.My favourite color is purple,my favourite subject is P.E, and my favourite food is spagetti.  In my family there is 4people. There is my brother, my mom, my father, and me in my family. You told me a bout China,so I'll tell you about Korea. Korea is a small nation.  Although it's a small nation, Korea is a great nation. Korea's competition rate is high and Korean are very smart too. Have you ate any of the Korean food ? have you ate any of the Kimchi? It is delicious. It represents korea. It is spicy and crunchy. So, foreigner likes it such as american and you guys. Also there is many famous places and world heritage. There is many old palaces that was build one thousand years ago. I hope you can visit Korea and look around the Korea. I'm sure you will like it. I know that you are University school student . I with you can graduate University.