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12-06-14 18:25
dear someone.. i want to be your friend. when i meet you,i will eat fork with you.i want to see koong hoo at china. i like meet,baseball,andsoccer. i will teach baseball for you.
 i play game very well. do ypu know sponge bob? it's too funny always laugh ha ha ha ha. korean music is top of the word. i like big bang blue. what 's your favorite music? korean's traditional food is kimchi and bulgogi. everyone think chines food is durty, but i don't think so.
i wan't to know the korean traditional food. i think it ws delicious.
what is your faborite sports? my favorite sports is baseball. and soccer. what is your faborite sports? i want to know the base ball glove is mizno. i want to buy zett glove. and soccer shose name adizero f50. i want to traval china. when you come to korea, i am happy. when i meet you let's play baseball.