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새로운 답장답장답장답장-_-

12-06-13 21:55
Dear Dustin
Hi, Dustin! my name is Justin. you're name is very similar with my name.
I was angry when i read this letter. Because, you insult to our country...
I thought, you would like our country... but you're not. So I become hate your country.
I want you would like our country someday. I hope my country and your country have peace...
 Last, I can't understand your mind. Now, we are the world. So we make harmony each other.
  Now I inproduce of my favorite baseball player. lee seung yup, oh seung whan and yang jun hyuk. lee seung yup, he's the other name is Lion King. Because he is the King of home run. He was great player in Korea and Japen. he's home run is 497 on the overall list. And I like oh seung whan. Because he is the king of save at last year and he is amazing player. And last, yang jun hyuk is a record boy. He's home run is 351. He made many many record. It is inconceivably! He is god of baseball!! He is legend now!
              oh..... I speak very much... sorry, However I like, love baseball. see you later,
                                                    from: lee kyu won, Justin