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한 규리
12-06-13 21:04
Dear Helen
Hi! My English name is Grace. My favorit color is sky blue, my favorite subject is P.E. and favorite food is beef-rib stew. There are four in my family, my parents, one brother and myself. The letter didn't said anything about your family and your favorit things. I'm happy to make friends with you. I live in Degue, korea. My little brother is eight years old and he is really cute. It's a secret but i'm telling you that he thinks he's way more cuter than my cousion but they are the same. Do you have any brothers or sisters? One of my cousion is a 13- years old sister. Have you play the piano? I'm not really good at playing it, but i like to play it. I bet your small dream is comming to Korea. Well my little dream is going to China. I'v seen a video about china. It was about the Chinese food. It seemed really delicious.It is hard to write a letter. I'm not really interested in many sports but I like to play dodge ball. I'm not good at it, ethier. Have you ever tried it? Well try it. It's fun. I'm so tired today. Because of the studying. I'v seen alot of movies. Like 'Harry potter', 'Kung Fu Panda', 'Puss in Boots', 'How to Treat Your Dragon' and 'Rapunzel'. How many movies have you seen? I think I saw 27 movies in all. Now my hand hurts. And  it's time to say good-bye. good-bye! Come visit Korea!!!
                                                                                                                                  From Grace