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12-06-13 20:41
Dear. David
    Hi, David. I'm Jaewon. Nice to know you. I think you know a lot of things about the Chinese history. In last fall I went to China. It was kind of beautiful as you said like. The Great Wall was very high. So when I walk on the Great Wall, I felt like I was walking in the cloud. My mother was very scared that her face turned red. It was very funny.
  When you come to Korea, maybe I can be your guide. I'll guide a lot of places that are very famous. For example, I'll show you around Koung Bok Kung, and I'll tell you about Korean history as you. When we meet, I think it will be very good and funny. Do did about china's you know Korean programs or singers? We have a lot of great programs and singers. When you see them you can think different, but I think you can be a fun be fan of many singers. In Korea a program named 'Happy Together is very famous. It's a talk show and the Mc's are all great comidians. You'll be happy when you see it.
  Someday, We can meet. We will be very good friends.Bye.

                                                                                                                          From Jaewon